Nutrition and Mental Wellbeing Course

June 21, 2022By mnadminUncategorized

Thank you for signing up to the course! Join me on July 4th 2022 at 6pm to kick off with the first workshop: Mental Wellbeing – How to master your inner voice and stop those negative thoughts. Here is the link: Miss Nutritionist is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Virtual Workshops SeriesTime: … Read More

How to Avoid Burnout

November 2, 2021By mnadminUncategorized

How to avoid burnout (and boost energy and productivity) Knowing how to boost energy and productivity without burning out is more crucial now than ever. After all, the last 18 months or so have been particularly tough. A lot of us are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or low on energy, and since the pandemic people are … Read More

Boost Your Immune System

June 11, 2020By mnadminUncategorized

Our immune system is our personal weapon against viruses. It is divided into two main parts – the innate immune system and the adaptive immune system. There are many factors that affect the rate at which are immune systems works – stress being one of them. Too much stress can adversely affects the immune system … Read More

What’s inside my fridge?

February 24, 2020By RosieUncategorized

Coconut milk or almond milk for my smoothies – I always use vegan milk now because I find cow’s milk congesting on my skin. I always have avocados in my fridge to chuck in salads or smoothies. They are packed with fibre and healthy fats which are great for energy and the brain! I’m obsessed … Read More

Vegan Chocolate Brownies

February 24, 2020By RosieUncategorized

INGREDIENTS 150 g / 5.30 oz vegan 70% cocoa dark chocolate 120 ml / ½ cup aquafaba (chickpea brine), from a tin of chickpeas 200 g / 1 cup sugar, I used a natural sweetener made from stevia 180 g / ¾ cup 100% natural peanut butter 2 tbsp water or plant milk (I used … Read More

Skin Health Tips Not To Be Missed

February 24, 2020By RosieUncategorized

The skin is the body’s largest organ. Good skin starts from within so looking at the diet is a good place to begin if you want healthy-looking skin. The gut and liver are key organs in skin health so in order to have great skin, both these organs need to be functioning well. Here are … Read More

How Stress Affects Our Immune System

March 15, 2019By RosieUncategorized

How Stress Affects Our Immune System Stress has been linked with a weakened immune system. A recent review in the Psychology Journal documents that chronic stress, lasting over a long period of time, is associated with higher levels of inflammation in the immune system that has potential further health consequences. So too much stress is … Read More

Should We All Go Vegan?

March 14, 2019By RosieUncategorized

Veganism is everywhere and more and more people are choosing to become vegan mostly for ethical and compassionate choices such as animal welfare. Veganism is now a way of living – it isn’t just about giving up dairy and meat, it’s a lifestyle choice that goes across all aspects of life including fashion, beauty and … Read More

Is CBD effective for reducing stress and anxiety?

December 18, 2018By RosieUncategorized

For the past week I’ve been trialling the new CBD lozenges by Naturopathica. I wanted to see if the active cannabidiol (don’t worry it’s the non psychoactive compound!) would make a difference to my stress levels. More specifically I wanted to see if they would enhance feelings of calm and assist in better sleep. Here’s … Read More

Does Adrenal Fatigue Exist?

September 24, 2018By RosieUncategorized

Some people believe that adrenal fatigue isn’t a ‘thing’ and that it’s not documented or a real illness. Some doctors dismiss patients and tell them that their symptoms are ‘all in their head’ and that they need to stop being hypochondriacs. However, 80% of adults have suffered from adrenal fatigue at some stage in their … Read More