Coconut milk or almond milk for my smoothies – I always use vegan milk now because I find cow’s milk congesting on my skin.
I always have avocados in my fridge to chuck in salads or smoothies. They are packed with fibre and healthy fats which are great for energy and the brain!
I’m obsessed with this new brand of vegan cheese! So if Im in a hurry I’ll have two slices of that with some rice cakes. The cheese is made from coconut milk which is a great source of medium chain triglycerides. MCTs. These are very good for energy and endurance!
You’ll always find spinach in my fridge because it’s an excellent source of magnesium. 50% of the population are deficient in this mineral so it’s good to get it in the diet.
Quite often there is fresh fish in my fridge such as salmon or seabass because it cooks in less than 15 minutes and both are packed with nutrients. The salmon is high in omega 3 fatty acids which have been found to reduce anxiety!

What I eat in a day / my eating habits:

I always eat every 3-4 hours to keep my energy up, and because I’m always hungry! Typically I start my day with a protein smoothie which consists of an avocado, banana, protein powder, almond milk and honey. I always have a second breakfast mid morning which is either a salmon on gluten free toast or avocado.

I love to snack which typically tends to be a homemade protein bar or some nuts with a piece of fruit.

Lunch is usually out and about. It’s ranges from a vegan bowl and a soup if I have time to sit down and consume or brown rice sushi with some edamame beans if Im a bit time poor.

Dinner is usually at home and I cook. It will either be fried white fish with green veg and rice or I will cook gluten free pasta with coconut milk, red onions and broccoli.

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