Some people believe that adrenal fatigue isn’t a ‘thing’ and that it’s not documented or a real illness. Some doctors dismiss patients and tell them that their symptoms are ‘all in their head’ and that they need to stop being hypochondriacs. However, 80% of adults have suffered from adrenal fatigue at some stage in their lives AND it has been well referenced in the literature.

For anyone doubting this condition or making uninformed opinions please think twice before taking the moral high ground and discounting the reality of this brutal condition.

I was in bed for three years with extreme exhaustion, my motivation and drive had totally gone, I suffered from extreme dizziness almost daily and I couldn’t even get out out of bed to even brush my teeth at times. So if adrenal fatigue doesn’t exist what was it then? My thyroid was functioning well, B12 levels perfect, vitamin D and iron all fine, no food allergies and from a doctors perspective totally ‘normal’

Whatever you want to call it – adrenal fatigue, adrenal insufficiency, burnout – it does exist and it’s becoming more and more prevalent. It NEEDS a label and I’m not afraid to give it one AND be dedicated to spreading its awareness. It’s my obligation to help everyone anywhere to recovery from this illness. Nothing or no one can attack that.

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