I set up miss nutritionist in 2010. As soon as I had my certificate from my college I was seeing clients literally on that day. My business started to go from strength to strength but it certainly wasn’t easy!

After graduating I realised that I knew nothing about running a business and had to learn fast so I hired a coach for the first 6 months. Having these coaching sessions changed how I approached things and made me really focus on what I wanted to achieve.

As the years went on I started to see loads of clients – one on one – plus I put on my own talks and began working with large corporate companies.You realise sooner or later that being an NT you can’t rely on the clinic model alone hence setting up these additional sources of income.

During this time I also developed my first line of food products: The Dynabites. These were born completely by accident. I invented them at home one day and started to sample them on my clients who told me they were so good that I had to get them in the shops! So I found a factory, got some investment and launched them the same year.

I was super excited about these new products in the hope that they would be a huge stepping stone to enhancing my Miss Nutritionist business further.

Now that I was running two business’s there was a lot more pressure and I was being pulled in two directions. The work load was intense which meant little sleep and my diet my went out of the window. At the same time I had some personal relationship stressors that resulted in quite sad consequences. My fiancé at the time moved to a different country for his work which put a huge strain on us. I was meant to move with him but really didn’t want to leave what I had built up and our relationship started to fall apart.

Ignoring everything and working at the speed of light with no rest or good food my body finally gave in. On March 6th 2014 I was walking in the park and suddenly felt really dizzy. Before I knew it my knees went from underneath me and I collapsed to the ground.

Are you surprised ? Probably not. But I really was.

I immediately went home, climbed into bed, and basically stayed there for 3 years.

I couldn’t move I was so exhausted.

I couldn’t talk I was so exhausted.

At my worst I couldn’t even lift my head off the pillow.

In the beginning I didn’t know what was going on and so naturally took a trip to the doctor. She ran some tests on me and everything came back normal. She told me I was depressed and gave me some antidepressants. I burst into tears and told her “Im not depressed Im exhausted!” I went home and felt helpless but had to rely on myself to get better.

During my bed bound days I read ALOT. Literally every self help book, every blog post out there. As I started digging, deeper and deeper I decided to run some tests on myself and the conclusion was clear. I had full blown adrenal fatigue.

When I realised this it was a huge relief. I finally knew WHY I was tired all the time. Sure it was scary but I had my reason.

So what did I do ? I changed everything …

The first thing I had to do was stop. I stopped working and had to make time to rest and sleep. For the first month I was sleeping 12 hours a night, napping during the day and was waking up feeling completely and utterly exhausted. Imagine your worst hangover, times 10, everyday. This is how I felt.

I totally changed my diet. I stopped exercising completely and I took some serious healing supplements for months.

The final part of the recovery was changing my mindset. I knew that my negative thoughts about the condition were sabotaging my health so in time I change this with the help of some CBT therapy. I also started daily meditation to slow down my mind and stop the stress response.

Today I’m about 90% recovered and have totally changed how I respond to everything thing in my life. My energy is back and I’ve never been stronger or happier. My message is really simple – burnout sucks and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy which is why I am now dedicated in helping people everywhere to get their energy back and never burnout.

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